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Are you really ill?

Posted by Steve van de Worp on 28/10/16 14:57

A very interesting article we were asked to contribute to recently on The Huffington Post site details the results of a survey into the excuses that people had given when taking a sick day while not actually ill.

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3 Key Barriers To Your Mental Capacity Act 2005 Compliance

Posted by Steve van de Worp on 01/07/16 11:24

It quite concerning that these have not yet been fully remedied almost 10 years down the line.

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SOVA, POVA & SAAR - What's The Difference?

Posted by Steve van de Worp on 23/06/16 10:35

You will already know that they are all directing us toward the same goal – to ensure the safety and wellbeing of adults in care.

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Professional Boundaries - How Do You Know Where to Stop?

Posted by Steve van de Worp on 05/05/16 11:56

You are a caring person. You would not be working in the health and social care sector if you were not. So we know you care, but do you know how much you should be caring from a professional perspective?

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Who do you know who has had Makaton Training?

Posted by Steve van de Worp on 28/04/16 11:03

Firstly, what is Makaton? 

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What is PEG Feeding Training (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy)?

Posted by Steve van de Worp on 20/04/16 11:04

PEG Feeding Training (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy) is for care professionals to learn how to correctly use a PEG Feeding Tube.

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How The Correct Clinical Training Can Save Your Organisation

Posted by Steve van de Worp on 13/04/16 15:52

A study by the National Institute of Health Research suggests that almost 12,000 deaths a year in healthcare settings across the UK, attributed to medical mistakes, are entirely preventable.

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